Sativa Round-Up

Blue Dream (Hybrid) // Oasis Herbal Center // 40$/1gram
This wax was a bit hard to work with, as it was very crumbly and didn’t stick very well so it was best packed on the dabber with a sticky earwax or liquid oil to give it something to stick to. Taste-wise it was quite different from other blue dream concentrates ive had and the taste of the flower in general. Really light and smooth with a very strong “potpourri” like flavor and a very florally after-taste. Not my absolute favorite blue dream concentrate but the price was right and the potency was on point; a nice daytime hybrid medication.

Blue Dream Nectar (Hybrid) // Pacific Green Pharms // 45$/.5gram
Wow; this concentrate is quite phenomenal in every aspect, albeit being a little steep in price. An absolutely incredibly Blue Dream trademark taste, just incredibly “concentrated” if that makes any sense…. The nectar itself is the perfect consistency, super easy to work with and adheres to the dabber perfectly. Most importantly this is one very potent concentrate, with effects that last for 3+ hours for even the most seasoned of dabbers (moi).

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